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[Title] Garasu no Kamen(The English version?) starring Natalie Portman & Claire Danes
04/01 02:29
Surfing websites about Claire Danes, I found the topic that it was said that she would play in "Masks of Glass".

To be surprised, I hear that Natalie Portman plays 3 roles: a producer, a writer, and a heroine.

So I research it with websites about Masks of Glass, fan sites like NATALIEPORTMAN.COM, she(Natalie Portman) began to read "Masks of Glass"(that I posted a message about) in her high school period(TO be surprised, she read well in Japanese. How clever she is!), When so rollicksome that she's moved, one producer offered her to produce a movie, estimating her talent. Then she suggested that they remake first volumes of "Masks of Glass" into English, and she herself selected its derector(Michael Apted, directing that Bond 19), negotiatied with the author: Suzue Miuchi and the publisher: Hakusensha; I hear.

Its playbook would be made co-operatingly by Miuchi and her.
We should be looking forward to for she learned Japanese in high and uni?
When they make the movie, for British-American situation, it'd be changed with original a little- for example, the name of heroine is changed from Maya Kitajima to Belina Raphaelo(Natalie Portman), from Ayumi Himekawa to Lisa Wittenberg(Claire Danes).

At any rate, how will it be that Claire Danes and Natalie Portman would play together?

(Angelix)Certainly, in one movie magazine, a co-player of her said she can be a producer. But I didn't expect that so early she showed her talent.

(Angelix)I surfed the HPs below. English HPs have much more info. I'm not sure why, Japanese ones don't reffer...

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(Angelix)Please write a preview when it's released (in US), Mr. Kyogoro!


(Angelix) April Fool !!
(Angelix)Have people looked through the joke? Isn't it fun? No responses were returned... :'( 04/02 00:32


(Angelix) I try saying it again.

April Fool !!

04/05 00:26


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